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It's Sign Up Time!

Rehearsals Start mid-Jan.

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Thank you for your interest in Pittsboro Youth Theater! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share theater training and performance activities with young people and adults in and around Chatham county NC.

Pittsboro Youth Theater (PYT) is celebrating our 9th year in operation! 


PYT is proud to provide professional level performance arts training and local entertainment to area residents. In a nutshell, Tammy Matthews and Craig Witter founded our sweet, little youth theater in 2012. Since then hundreds of local children and adults have participated in our casts and hundreds of performances. More than 12,000 people attended our on-stage productions. Limerick about PYT history.

Pittsboro operates two full theater seasons and summers each year. Our youth theater seasons are aligned with the Chatham County School District's semester and summer school schedule. Multiple week long summer camps are offered for students with varying levels of experience with intensive, multi-week plays and/or musicals by audition for more-experienced actors.

Pittsboro Youth Theater

has truly been a wonderful experience

for our family! The personalized

approach to coaching and development

for young actors was truly beyond

our expectations.

J. Kala Bullett, JD

Continuous daytime theater arts classes meet in Sweet Bee Theater multiple times each week. Daytime acting classes were specifically designed to provide pre-schoolers and home schoolers an opportunity to socialize and engage in the character- and life-skill building activities and exercises which theater provides children.

Pittsboro Youth Theater's afternoon and evening rehearsal casts form and start rehearsals shortly after school semesters start. Spring and Fall casts rehearse scripts for their specific play for 3 or 4 months then have one or more public performances.


Click here to see our Upcoming Events. Our Spring and Fall seasons correspond with Chatham County schools' schedule. We have age-specific casts which each rehearse for two or more months then perform their play multiple times.

Before we opened our own Center for the Arts, Pittsboro (CFTA) with Sweet Bee Theater, there was no real public live-performance theater in Pittsboro and no one dedicated space where residents could learn, practice and perform all the arts. Pittsboro Youth Theater was basically a traveling performance troupe in our own home town. We performed in every existing space that was marginally appropriate for live theater before we opened CFTA in February 2017. 

We've been called "the cheapest babysitter in town" but it's a rare and wonderful baby sitter that teaches children all the life skills they learn at PYT. Here's what parents have said about how we enriched the lives of their children.

We have never turned away a kid that wants to be an active participant in some way. Most children want to learn theater performance skills with their cast and perform on stage. Some children have persued their interest in various technical aspects of theater back stage or helped direct. 

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