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It's Sign Up Time!

Rehearsals Start mid-Jan.

Already registered in our JackRabbit?

Cool! Now you sign up for casts and lessons and manage your family's performing arts

account from your personal portal.

Go To My Customer Portal

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Big Changes for PYT & CFTA Customers
Playing with us is getting a lot easier and better!

Starting in August 2022 PYT's family of community arts organizations is rolling out new online school administration software called JackRabbit. This new web-based software system is providing our customers with greatly improved abilities to manage their PYT and CFTA performing arts accounts, get detailed information and interact with us. 

Customer families can:

  • Get complete information about all your family's casts, classes and lessons in one online portal. 

  • Continue to pay their monthly and other fees manually, if they wish,

  • Sign up for Automatic Withdrawals to pay fees

  • ...And lots more online anytime.

All returning and new PYT and CFTA customers must Register in JackRabbit to do business with us. After registering in our JackRabbit administration system, all customers then select the theater casts, classes and/or music lessons in which they'd like to enroll right on their families personal JackRabbit portal on their smart phone, computer or tablet online 24/7.

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By popular demand:
PYT and CFTA Now Offer
Automatic Payment Options, +, +

Say,"Hello JackRabbit and emm-b-bye"  to wondering about payments due or made, attendance, complicated billing problems and more.

PYT and CFTA Music School are updating our processes to make scheduling and paying

easier and more stress-free--woo-hoo!


Every returning and new customer of PYT and CFTA who have not yet registered in JackRabbit must complete our new

one time registration form to get your family's information in our administration system.

To register now click this button...

All PYT and CFTA customers must register before signing up for casts, classes or lessons.

If you need help or have questions, please see the FAQs below. Please take

special note of the Account Info FAQ towards the bottom of the following, as it explains our

new billing options. And as always, feel free to contact Craig at with any

questions or concerns.

Already registered in our JackRabbit?

You can now sign up and manage your family's performing arts

account from your personal portal.

Go To My Customer Portal

jackrabbit- GET YOUR PORTAL button MED D03.png

FAQs About JackRabbit Registration

Q: Is this registration form all I need to do to enroll in a theater cast, class or the music school?

A: Nope. Registration is the required first step; it adds you and your family to our student administration system. After you've registered in the system you'll be directed to an Enrollment Form to sign up for PYT theater casts or classes, and/or CFTA music lessons.

Go to PYT's Youth Plays Webpage for Fall 2022

Go to CFTA's Music School Webpage

Q: We've been customers for a while now. Do I still have to fill out the registration form?

A: Yes. We're updating and automating our entire Center's administration system, and you’ll

experience lots of new and improved online abilities once you register. Registration is a one-time event; once you register, you'll be able to sign up for any Center for the Arts or Pittsboro Youth Theater activity without ever registering again. Registering also gives you access to your account administration tools, attendance reports, and automated payment options.

Q: What about the red text at the top of the form, asking returning students to "click here"?

A: Please ignore it. As we roll out the new system, no one is a returning student in our new


Q: What goes in the "Portal Account Password" field on the registration form?

A: Create your own private password to use with your CFTA Online Portal account. Make sure to keep it handy so you can log into your portal account later!

Q: What is an online portal, anyhow?

A: The online portal lets each customer family make or schedule payments, contact Director and Instructors, see attendance reports, make and run reports on payments, sign up for automatic payments, and more. You can access it from computer or smart phone 24/7.

Q: I'm an adult music student. Do I have to fill out all the registration fields?

A: Nope. Adult students can leave the "Secondary Contact" and "Additional Information" fields

blank. Enter "N/A" to answer any is a required field (question with a red asterisk). 

Q: Can I tell my Director/Instructor something about me or my child (experience, etc.) not covered in the registration form?

A: Enter additional information in the "Comments" field near the bottom of the registration form.

Q: In the "Account Information" field, what's the difference between "Auto-Pay" and "Self-


A: Selecting "Auto-Pay" means that specified fees will automatically be drafted/deducted from your account each month. Selecting "Self-Pay" gives you the option/responsibility of going into your portal each month to make a manual payment. Auto-Pay is hassle-free: you never have to remember to make payments again! Self-Pay gives you more control over your payments, but you will be responsible for logging into the

portal each month to make your payment or paying each fee in person by cash or check.

Q: What if I want to continue paying by check or cash?

A: No problem! There’s a check drop box on the wall near the blue middle doors on campus.

You can contact Craig at with any questions.

Q: I'm nervous about entering my bank draft info. Is it secure?

A: Industry standard online banking security procedures ensure that no one at CFTA, PYT, or anyone other than our commercial online bank will have access to banking information you provide through

your customer portal. Any and all financial information you enter is secure and handled by our

online banking partner. No person at CFTA will ever be able to see your bank account info.; we will only have the ability to instruct our online bank to withdraw funds to pay regular fees you authorize when they're due.


If you have any questions not covered here, please contact us: we want to make this process as

easy as possible!



Craig Witter, CFTA Executive Director:

Carrie Boone, office manager:

Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC and the Center for the Arts Pittsboro

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