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PYT Plays - Spring '23

***Important Notice to Customers–Jan. 20, 2023***


  • All Spring '23 Theater Operations of Pittsboro Youth Theater are discontinuedTheater Operations May Continue Under New Management in the future


  • Center for the Arts MUSIC SCHOOL IS CONTINUING Private Music Lessons


  • Entire PYT/CFTA Family of Community Performing Arts Organizations Up For Sale


We regret to inform you that after 10 years in business, Tammy Matthews and Craig Witter, the sole Member/Managers of Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC, do not have the financial resources or personal energies to continue to operate our theater organization or continue with plans to build our new North Chatham Performing Arts Center. 


We are very sorry that our decision to close Pittsboro Youth Theater will cause sadness for a great many kids, parents and other supporters. We love you very much.


To those who are not saddened by the passing of our organization and/or those who have talked poorly of us to others, shame on you. Tammy and Craig, flawed humans like everyone, invested all our best personal efforts and financial means to benefit a community we now cannot afford to continue to live or do business in; we did our best, but now we and our money are spent.


Therefore, regarding Pittsboro Youth Theater activities, 

  • Spring 2023 theater casts of Pittsboro Youth Theater are discontinued effective immediately. 


  • All scheduled Spring '23 cast rehearsals/auditions/performances from this date forward are cancelled.


  • All deposits paid to Pittsboro Youth Theater for children's participation in Spring 2023 theater cast(s) will be refunded to payers as soon as possible. 


  • All donations made to help us build the new North Chatham Performing Arts Center (NCPAC) will be used by new owners of our organization for that purpose if possible. If no buyer is found who wants to continue with NCPAC by Feb. 20, 2023, then all donations made to help build NCPCAC will be refunded to those who donated as soon as possible thereafter.


Tammy and I will do our best to find suitable buyers of Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC as soon as possible. We hope that a buyer or buyers will be found soon, who will resume theater operations with as little interruption as possible, continue to operate CFTA's music school, and/or continue the NCPAC building project uninterrupted.


We hope to find a buyer of our entire family of operations. One way or another, assets of Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC will be sold in an increasingly granular fashion; i.e.:


  • Starting now PYT theater and CFTA music school organizations with their assets are for sale; perhaps different buyers will be found for PYT theater and CFTA music school organizations.


  • Starting on March 1, 2023, assets that have not been sold in bulk with theater and or music school organizations will be sold independently (by the each), including:  costumes, props, set pieces, technical equipment, music school instruments/equipment, etc


We hope to find a buyer for our theater organizations/operations that who will reopen theater operations soon and/or continue our music school and/or NCPAC building plans.


Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC assets for sale include:

  • Community performing arts organizations with 10-years growth interrupted only by COVID until 2023

  • An exceptionally affordable 15-year lease on an unfinished North Chatham Performing Arts Center facility with building plans to finish the space

  • Every thing a community youth theater needs to do business, including:  costumes, props, set pieces and technical equipment (lighting, audio, etc.), furniture, fixtures, etc.

  • Office equipment, software, procedures, experienced staff contacts

  • Much, much more


We will try to communicate the wonderful upsides of our organization to prospective buyers who have the resources to follow through with building and opening North Chatham Performing Arts Center by Summer 2023.


Tammy and Craig's goal was to transfer ownership/operation to new, younger and more capable owners and/or operational staff before we got into this situation. We're sorry that things came to this so suddenly, and we hope that we can find some way for PYT to continue to provide services to our patrons soon.





Tammy Matthews and Craig Witter

Co-founders, Owners, Operators, Member/Managers


Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC

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Seusical Cast_Beauty Pic WEBSITE D02.png

Fall 2021 cast of "Seussical" the Dr. Seuss musical in Sweet Bee Theater

with Parker Harris, Music Director

500+ cast members have performed before over 15,700 audience members

 at performances by 4 community theater organizations that call Sweet Bee Theater "Home".

Thank You! to all those who have supported us and Welcome! all our new friends in 2021!

"Outstanding" Theater Performances in Triangle Three Years in a row!

Congratulations Pittsboro Center for the Arts Theater Community for being

repeatedly recognized as "Outstanding" in the Triangle region in 2019, 2020 and 2021


In 2022 Pittsboro Youth Theater (PYT) celebrates 10th years in operation!

We now have our own Center for the Arts Pittsboro with the

one and only public, live-performance theater in Chatham County

Sweet  Bee Theater

PYT is proud to provide professional level performance arts training and local entertainment to area residents. As with any team activity, PYT plays demand cast member effort and commitment. Join PYT's award-winning community theater team

with a legacy of exceptional-quality live theater performances and loyal fan/Supporter base. 

2023 Plays Script Heading wSwoop - WEB  D09.png

Ages 8-12

The Princess and the Pea

Young children in this cast will learn and hone their stage and life skills in this elementary cast of "The Princess and the Pea." This classic fairy tale will be brought to life in several months of rehearsals and multiple live-on-stage performances.


Have you heard of the Princess and the Pea? In our version handsome Prince, the most beautiful Princesses, a self-centered Queen, and a hysterical Granny all come together in the age-old story with a twist!  King Paul and Queen Pompous are searching for the perfect match for their son Prince Persnickety. With the help of wisecracking Granny Petunia and Royal Guard Rudy, the kingdom has summoned every princess in the land to compete for their son's affection. Add a stack of mattresses, a tiny pea, and a mysterious late-night visitor, and you end up with the wackiest twists and turns in fairy tale history! The princesses may be fierce competitors, but who will win the Prince's heart? Or....will the Prince learn his lesson? --  

for children aged 8-12

(must read at 2nd grade level)

   • Rehearsals Wed. 5:00-6:30pm and Sat. 9-10:30am

                      - starting Wed. Jan. 18

                      - Mandatory Dress Rehearsal Fri. Apr. 28

                      - performances Apr. 29-30

   - Cost:  $160 per month Jan.-Apr.

     (4 monthly payments during rehearsals and performances)

     due at sign up and 1st of every month Feb.-Apr.,

   - plus $90 production fee due Apr. 1st

Princess Pea GFX D03 WEB.jpg
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Age 8 and Up Musical

— Story of the richest cats in all of Paris told in song on stage.

When the Aristocats' beloved owner, Madame, announces that she has left them all of her money, Edgar, the family butler, becomes very jealous and leaves them in a ditch. As the Aristocats wake up, lost and alone, Country Dogs chase Edgar away and an Alley Cat is surprisingly friendly. He helps the Aristocats find their way home to Madame. New friends jump into the face of danger and save the day, and the whole gang makes it back to the city. Adventures and intrigue continue in Paris, all brought to life in several months of rehearsals and performed in multiple performances live on stage .

for actors age 8 and Up

(age 6-7 with Director's permission)

Must read at 2nd grade level or above.

   - Rehearsals Mon. 5:00-6:30pm and Thurs. 5:00-6:30pm

                      - starting Mon. Jan. 23

                      - Mandatory Dress Rehearsal Fri. Apr. 21

                      - performances Apr. 22-23 & 29-30

   - Cost:  $175 at sign up and 1st of every mo. Feb.-Apr.

   - plus $95 production fee due Apr. 1

Aristocats KIDS Logo D02 COLOR WEB.png
Aristocats Logo Comp Cropped.jpg
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Middle and High Schoolers


for actors in Middle and High School

Playwright and novelist Nigel Williams's stage adaptation of William Golding's story was first professionally produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon in July 1995. The story revolves around a group of schoolboys who are marooned on an island where the behavior of the majority degenerates into savagery. Remarkably true to the novel in spirit . . . the theatre lends itself particularly well to the ritualistic aspects of the story - chanting, dancing, marching, forming a circle round the victim, stamping out a fire . You end up feeling you have seen a fable of infinite implications enacted on a stage.

for Middle and High School Actors

All male roles but all genders welcome.

   - Rehearsals Wed. 6:30-8:30pm and Sat. 10:30am-12:30pm

                      - starting Wed. Jan. 18

                      - Mandatory Dress Rehearsals W. 5/10 and F. 5/12

                      - performances May 13-14

   - Cost:  $165 at sign up and 1st of Feb.-May  

   - plus $90 production fee due Apr. 1st

A second cast may be added if needed due to excess sign ups. Second cast will rehearse Tues. and Thurs. 6:30-8:30pm with Mandatory Dress Rehearsal May 5 and performances May 6-7.

Lord of the Flies LOGO WEB D02.png

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Mandatory Auditions Sat. Jan. 21, 12:30-up to 5:00pm

Cast member parent of guardian must be present 12:30-1:30pm

Stephen Sondheim’s and James Lapine’s cockeyed fairytale comes to life in this adaptation of their groundbreaking, Tony Award-winning musical.  Into the Woods JR. Features all of your favorite characters — Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (and his beanstalk), and the Witch — in this lyrically rich retelling of classic Brothers Grimm fables. This junior version of "Into the Woods" is based on Act 1 of the Broadway play.

We are looking for most talented and dedicated actors and actresses for this reprise of PYT’s first musical for our tenth anniversary, Into the Woods Jr.  Attendance is critical.  No more than three rehearsals can be missed. This show is for those who want to dedicate themselves to doing a professional-level play.


Auditions will be on January 21st from 12:30 to 5:00pm. Cast member parent or guardian must be present for first hour of audition (12:30-1:30pm, 1/21/23). You must register and pay the deposit before audition. If you are not selected for the cast, you may apply the deposit to membership in another play. A parent or guardian must attend the audition with their child.

for advanced actors in Elementary, Middle and High School

   - Rehearsals Mon. 6:30-8:30pm and Sat. 12:30am-3:30pm

                      - starting Sat. Jan. 21

                      - Mandatory Dress Rehearsals:  M 5/15, T 5/16, W 5/17 and Th 5/18

                      - performances May. 19-21

   - Cost:  $180 at sign up and 1st of Feb.-May

   - plus 1 or 2 private, half-hour voice lessons at $30 each, (depending on size and complexity of singing role)

   - plus $100 production fee due Apr. 1

Into The Woods TEXT LOGO WEB D02.png
Into The Woods LOGO WEB D02.jpg
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Since 2012 Pittsboro Youth Theater has built our reputation by staging full productions; every cast member takes the stage in full costume, with a full complement of props, professional set pieces, lighting, audio and more–we provide our young actors much more than T-shirts and a room.

PYT Frozen Beauty Pic WEBSITE.jpg

In this scene from PYT's 2021 performance of "Frozen Jr." Anna, played by Cate Hall, sings with the snow chorus outside her sister, Elsa's, ice castle.

"As soon as this play ended, I shouted, “That was great!” Because it was! I thought the set was great and very pretty. I could almost imagine it was a real castle. I also love that the costumes looked a lot like the clothes from the movie."

Emory Kasten (he/him), 8-year old Staff Writer

Chatham Life and Style

Read the entire review...

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Descendants Cast Dance.jpg
Nathelie Hinde, Front with Liza Franchini and Jocelyn in Back.png
Gretta Schliebe as Evil Grimhilde SMALL.png
PYT RULES - Kitten Herding Vid FF
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