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250 cast members have performed before over 10,000 audience members

 at performances by 4 community theater organizations that call Sweet Bee Theater "Home".

Thank You! to all those who have supported us and Welcome! all our new friends in 2020!

"Outstanding" Theater Performances in Triangle!

Congratulations Sweet Bee Theater actors Fiona Teigreen and Jon Woolard for being recognized for 

2019s "Outstanding Performances" in the Triangle region. 



Thank you for your interest in Pittsboro Youth Theater! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share theater arts with people of all ages in and around Chatham county NC. Rehearsals for our Spring 2021 season plays start Saturday January 9th and the following week.

In Fall 2020 Pittsboro Youth Theater (PYT) celebrated our 9th year in operation! Having performed in every existing space that was marginally appropriate for live theater, PYT opened our own theater and Center For The Arts, Pittsboro in early 2017. 

Sweet Bee Theater is the only public theater in Chatham county!!! 

PYT is proud to provide professional level performance arts training and local entertainment to area residents. As with any team activity, PYT plays demand cast member effort and commitment. Cast members and their families should be prepared to have great fun and be active participants in a successful team. PYT has built a legacy of exceptional-quality live theater performances and a loyal fan/Supporter base. For more information about the impact PYT has on the lives of our cast members, please see the "Mission" page under the "About" tab on this website.

Local young people can join 4 separate theater casts in Spring 2021Review payment information, plays and schedules below.

Every cast member must complete an online application; hard copies of applications will not be accepted.

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Safely continuing Pittsboro Youth Theater (PYT) operations during COVID requires flexibility. As of Dec. 1, 2020, we expect that there will be sufficient COVID vaccinations received by our casts and crew to conduct mandatory in-person rehearsals and performances sometime in Spring 2021. PYT will consider cast member families' wishes before decisions are made.

See "COVID-19 Rules For In-person PYT Activities" at the bottom of this webpage.



PYT currently plans for our Spring 2021 plays to begin with online rehearsals. When PYT determines it is safe and warm enough for in-person rehearsals with masks and social distancing, mandatory in-person outdoor rehearsals will be conducted starting with Saturday rehearsals. When PYT determines with input from cast member families that in-person rehearsals will begin, those rehearsals will be mandatory for all cast members affected. Any special variance from this must be approved in advance by Tammy Matthews,  PYT Artistic Director.



All Spring 2021 plays will have live performances, in-person on-stage, if possible, possibly outdoors. If in-person on-stage performances are deemed by us with parent input to be too risky, then some or some casts will perform live online. "Descendants" musical will be performed live on-stage inside if possible, outside if necessary. All live-online performances will be able to be viewed live by performer families and probably the general public.

Performance specifics will be determined as early as possible; we'll all have a better idea through spring.

 Kids SIGN UP for
• 3 Great Non-musical Plays
Disney's "Descendants" Musical

Gooney Bird Animal Parade WEBSITE Graphi

"Gooney Bird Greene and Her Fabulous Animal Parade"

        Mrs. Pidgeon has just begun a unit on Aesop's Fables when the classroom door opens and Gooney Bird Greene bursts onto the stage. The Watertower Animal Shelter is about to close due to lack of funds, says Gooney! What will happen to all the poor animals? "I know!" says Gooney Bird with her wonderful sense of adventure. "Let's create our own fables right here in class, Mrs. Pidgeon, and then perform them as a fundraiser for the animal shelter....


"Gooney Bird Greene and Her Fabulous Animal Parade" 

Young children's Comedy play

   - for Ages 6-10

   - Zoom Rehearsals W & F 5-6:00pm,

        & S 10-11:00am, starting S, Jan. 9th

   - Cost:  $135 per month Jan. - May

        (5 monthly payments during rehearsals and

        performances) due on the 1st

        - $65 production fee*

   - LIVE PERFORMANCES in May (in-person on-stage or 1 online depending on COVID)

*if performances are in-person on-stage





















"Wizard of Oz"

        The lights go up and Dorothy finds herself in the land of Oz. It's the classic tale that'll take the cast and audiences on the familiar adventure none will ever forget. This will be a traditional play not a musical.

"Wizard of Oz"

Youth Classic Adventure play

   - for Ages 10-14

   - Zoom Rehearsals T & Th 5:00-6:00pm,

        & S 11:00am-Noon, starting S, Jan. 9th

   - Cost:  $140 per month Jan. -May 

        (5 monthly payments during rehearsals and

        performances) due on the 1st

        - $75 additional production fee*

   - LIVE PERFORMANCES in May (in-person on-stage or 1 online depending on COVID)

*if performances are in-person on-stage

The_Wizard_of_Oz_Cast WEBSITE D01.jpg
Descendants LOGO.png

"The Complete History of Theatre (abridged)"


       A condensed Cliff's Notes comedic version of a carelessly short "...History of Theatre" on a roll with rapid costume changes, ridiculous dialogue, bologna and spicy mustard. 

Mad Comedy play

   - for Grade 8 thru High Schoolers

   - Rehearsals Wed. 6:30-8:00pm

        & S Noon-1:30pm, starting S, Jan. 9th

   - Cost:  $145 per month Jan. - May 

        (5 monthly payments during rehearsals and

        performances) due on the1st

        - $80 production fee*

   - LIVE PERFORMANCES in May/June (in-person on-stage or 1 online depending on COVID)

*if performances are in-person on-stage

•  •  •













Seeking Cast Members to act

Rotten to the Core  in Disney's "" Descendants"  Musical Play


PYT currently plans for our "Descendants" Spring 2021 musical to begin with online rehearsals and have live performances. As weather warms and COVID permits, we will shift Saturday rehearsals to mandatory, in-person outdoors. Performances will either be Drive-In (like the wonderful "Heal 2020" performances) or be live on an area amphitheater stage with the degree of social-distancing which is safe and permitted in May.


       Reserve your spot early in PYT's brand-new premiere musical comedy featuring the beloved characters and hit songs from the all-time favorite Disney films!

It is present-day, and in the kingdom of Auradon, all of Disney’s beloved heroes and royalty are living happily ever after, safe from the terrifying villains and troublesome sidekicks they have banished to the magic-free Isle of the Lost. ...and then the fun starts as this musical bursts onto the stage.

Disney's "" Descendants"  Musical

PYT Priemiere Spring 2021 Production

Starting Online, Rehearsals 

   - for Middle & High Schoolers

   - Zoom Rehearsals T & Th 6:30-7:30pm,

        & S 2:00-4:00pm starting S, Jan. 9, 2021

   - Cost:  $150 per month Jan. - May 

        (5 monthly payments during rehearsals and

        performances) due on the 1st

   - plus 3 private, half-hour voice lessons at $30 each,

   - plus $85 production fee due April 1st

   - Multiple Live-On-Stage Performances in Late May

on PYT'S YouTube Channel


 "Can Mrs. Claus Save Christmas?" 

Young children's Christmas/Adventure play

The Mystery of the Peanut Butter Space Man!  
Rachus Children's Mystery/Comedy/Adventure play
• • • AND • • •

• "A Virtual Christmas Carol"  

Youth Christmas/Adventure play


This is not Pittsboro Youth Theater's first time at the online video conferencing rodeo.


Lots of parents tell us that "online rehearsals do a world of good" for their kids.

Check out the virtual performances of past casts on our YouTube channel. Subscribe while you're there; new episodes are being added all the time.

COVID-19 Rules For In-person PYT Activities

Pittsboro Youth Theater (PYT) has established and will enforce the following COVID-19 rules. We consider this our responsibility in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 


When PYT determines with input from cast member families that in-person rehearsals will begin, those rehearsals will be mandatory for all cast members affected.

Until COVID-19 regulations are eased, all in-person cast member rehearsals and performances will be conducted according to the following:

OUTSIDE - All in-person cast activities will be outside, weather permitting, or be cancelled.

SOCIAL DISTANCING - Cast members must stay 6-feet away from others not in their immediate household during the entire time they are at or near the PYT activity. This includes before, during and after official PYT activities.

MASKSCast members must wear a mask over their mouth and nose at all times at or near the location of the PYT activity. This includes before, during and after official PYT activities. One exception to this mask rule is that the cast members of "Heal 2020" may remove their mask while actively speaking or singing during performances.

VACCINE - Once a COVID vaccine which is certified "safe and effective" becomes available to us, the PYT crew, we will get vaccinated. This will support our goal of safely rehearsing and performing plays on stage in Sweet Bee Theater. We highly encourage cast members and their families to do the same. In this way we can all enjoy live performance theater the way it was supposed to be performed. Whoo Hooo!!!


PYT's Mission: 

"Improve Pittsboro's future by enriching local

children's lives and continue Pittsboro's rich arts heritage"

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