"Improve Pittsboro's future by enriching local children's lives
and continue Pittsboro's rich arts heritage"

Following are several examples that parents of cast members have shared with us about how PYT has enriched the lives of thier children.


When kids participate in Pittsboro Youth Theater they learn valuable life skills. Acting on stage is all about teamwork and following rules designed for the team to be successful - individual actions impact the success of the whole. Pittsboro Youth Theater feels great about providing kids the opportunity to learn this and many other good things that will benefit them through life, including:


"A professional athlete with a theatrical background will be more charismatic, confident, and marketable. An attorney with a theater background will be more compelling and convincing in the courtroom. It goes without saying, a teacher with a theater background is far more engaging in the classroom."  Read More

- Listening Skills:  PYT expects children to pay attention to what they're told and then act accordingly. In today's world this is an increasingly rare and positive opportunity for kids to learn a valuable life skill. PYT is not PlaY Time it's show time. There are easier things for kids to do, but few will build character like PYT.


- Reading Skills:  A number of parents of PYT cast members say that their children's reading skills greatly improve during their time at PYT.


- Verbal Skills:  Most kids and adults pay little attention to the mechanics of how they speak. Contrast this with the fact that speaking is the dominant means of interpersonal communication for the great majority of individuals. Then one can understand the value that ones speaking voice has in their life. PYT is particularly proud of the marked improvement as children learn to use their speaking voices more beneficially. Their lives will be better for this training.


- Physics and Physical Learning:  Most kids and adults pay little attention to the mechanics of how they move and interact with things in their environment. PYT demands that cast members thoughtfully move and interact with things and other people on and off stage. Most kids improve their level of consciousness at PYT, and this improvement will make them more capable in the outside world. Thinking about where and how things should be manipulated and left and how ones body moves is a foreign challenge for many kids. Learning how to control ones environment and self is a life skill that rewards those in more control.