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Dec. 2019





Would you or someone you know be interested in playing a musical instrument with your friends and neighbors in Sweet Bee Theater? 

CFTA, Pittsboro's goal in 2020 is to start a Chatham Community Band! Adult musicians in the area are encouraged to join.

Wayne G. Holland has volunteered to be our Band Leader.

We are collecting names of interested adult area musicians and those interested in volunteering with and/or supporting the band. If you are interested in joining or supporting Chatham Community Band, please fill out this form so we can decide on the date and time that's most convenient for those interested. 

Rehearsal days and times and all details of the band are to be determined by those who will participate. In February we will have a meeting to determine how to move forward.


Band practices and performances will be scheduled when participants choose from days and times when the theater is not otherwise occupied by other organizations. 

Sweet Bee Theater is most often available the following days/times:

  - Friday evenings

  - Saturday evenings

  - Sunday afternoons and evenings.

So those days and times are prime candidates for regular practices,...

CFTA, Pittsboro will provide Sweet Bee Theater free of charge for band practices and performances with the understanding that all participants will make a small donation or buy a drink at Sweet Bee Caffe every practice. 


•   •   •   •


   WhooHoo! We've made a lot of improvements to our music program, facilities and equipment recently and our Chatham Community Band project is gaining traction.


   We had 2 of our 3 pianos worked on, so all 3 pianos in house are sounding great. A wonderful supporter of Pittsboro Youth Theater's family of arts organizations has helped us cover the cost of repairing one of our digital pianos and purchased a couple new stage monitors (speakers) in Sweet Bee Theater.

   Having our 3rd piano up and running again means our 2nd private music lesson room is fully back in service. Just in time; every cast member of Pittsboro Youth Theater's Mary Poppins musical takes private voice lessons in addition to group singing on stage during rehearsals.

   In addition to being PYT's Music Director, local singer/songwriter Brenda Linton has been teaching private music lessons here at CFTA, Pittsboro for years.

   Center for the Arts, Pittsboro provides local residents with an outstanding array of opportunities to learn, play and listen to music, including:

    • Private Music Lessons

       - Piano

       - Guitar (all types)

       - Violin

       - Singing Voice

       - Ukelele

       - Mandolin

       - Flute, and more...

   We currently have 4 Music Instructors on staff:

    • Bart Urbanski teaches violin, piano, voice, guitars, ukelele, mandolin and more.

    • Diane Winger teaches piano, guitar voice and ukelele.

    • Brenda Linton teaches piano and voice and is Music Director for PYT musicals.

    • Daniel DeLorenzo teaches guitar and ukelele.

    • Andrea Luke is available for flute lessons.

   More info. about music lessons is on the bottom of this page.

    • Community Band

        CFTA, Pittsboro's goal in 2019 is to start a Pittsboro Community Band and/or Community Choir and/or Community Orchestra. The first step in starting these 3 organizations is to find a willing and able leader. 

    • Musical Plays

       Pittsboro Youth Theater produces 3 musicals each year in Sweet Bee Theater. Right now we're rehearsing Disney and Cameron Macintosh's Mary Poppins musical. Mary Pippins will be performed in Sweet Bee Theater December 14-22, 2019.

   • Sweet Bee Theater Sound Improvements

        In 2019 we've greatly improved the sound systems in Sweet Bee Theater.

Here's how:

         - 5 New Stage mics permanently mounted

         - New Professional Sound mixer

         - House sound amplifier donated by David Quick

         - Donated PA speakers permanently mounted overhead for house sound

         - Donated Stage monitors permanently mounted



Pittsboro Center for the Arts' (CFTA's) staff of friendly, experienced and talented Music Teachers provide private lessons in our acoustically-engineered music rooms.

Music Lessons

Fine Strings, Piano, Vocal, Guitars, fiddle, ukelelee, mandolin, banjo, acordian, flute 

and other instruments. Scroll down for more information.

Great professional Instructors specialize in teaching music in our professional facility. Please stop by when you're in the neighborhood. 


All music lessons cost $30 per half-hour and $120 per month in advance. Lessons for younger children may run 15 or 20 minutes and be charged a pro-rated amount. As children develop, lessons start going for 30 minutes. Usually longer lessons are best for more experienced and/or motivated students.


Center for the Arts, Pittsboro is open 7 days a week, has 3 pianos on site, 2 music rooms for private lessons and audio recording, a theater, art gallery, coffee shop, gift shop and lots more.

Please contact the office to schedule a lesson!

Center for the Arts, Pittsboro

18A East Salisbury Street, Pittsboro, NC  27312

Phone:  (919) 949-7181   •   Email:

Enjoy fine coffees, smoothies, chocolates and more

during lessons & rehearsals

in Center for the Arts, Pittsboro




Hours of Operation through Sun. 2/16/20

Monday-Friday 10am-6:30pm

Saturday 8am-5pm

Sunday Noon-5pm

...and for local and theater Events


We will be opening at 1pm Mon-Friday

starting Monday, Feb. 17, 2020

Sweet Bee Caffe Logo D06 VSM.png

    • Private Music Lessons

       - Piano

       - Guitar (all types)

       - Violin

       - Singing Voice

       - Ukelele

       - Mandolin

       - Flute, and more...

   We currently have 4 Music Instructors on staff:

    • Bart Urbanski teaches violin, piano, voice, guitars, ukelele, mandolin and more.

    • Diane Winger teaches piano, guitar voice and ukelele.

    • Brenda Linton teaches piano and voice and is Music Director for PYT musicals.

    • Daniel DeLorenzo teaches guitar and ukelele.

    • Andrea Luke is available for flute lessons.

   •    •    •


Bart Urbanski has been teaching music lessons in and around Pittsboro for many years. We're delighted that he'll be working here in CFTA!

Please call or email the CFTA office and we'll schedule your lesson.

Bart's experience:

    •   Bachelor of music from University of Wisconsin-River Fall in piano performance and choral conducting. 

    •   Masters of Music from the University of Oklahoma in composition, arranging and conducting. He has a broad range of performance with solo and ensembles, conducting, and directing experience. His 22 years of teaching experience includes piano, composition, and vocal instruction and performance. He also teaches guitar and a host of other instruments.

Our professional staff of 4 instructors teach in 2 Music Rooms in our Pittsboro arts campus.



Music Lesson FAQs


Ideal Time Commitment

1 day a week instruction with a professional teacher for 30 or 45 minutes and 2 or more formal practice sessions at least 1 of which includes the active participation of a parent per week has been proven to be an ideal regimen for children learning music. 


Practice at CFTA

In addition to lessons, you're welcome to practice at CFTA on other days/times during the week.

The music room and piano rent for $5 per hour without an instructor, when they're not otherwise booked.


Policies for Make-Ups, Payment, Etc.

As far as cost goes, we charge the going rate for lessons and have pretty much standard terms:

• Paid for 1 at a time, lessons are  $30 for a half hour, $45 for 45 minutes, $60 per hour.

• Paying 1 month in advance is the best deal; i.e., $120 per month works out to be a little less expensive than paying for each lesson one at a time,

• Being that the music room and teachers are scheduled in advance, we have established the following policies regarding notice of cancelations, make-up lessons, schedule changes, etc.

    - We are flexible and try to work with students so that no lesson time purchased goes unused,

    - All lesson time scheduled will be billed,

    - 48-hours notice to the instructor and CFTA is required to schedule a make-up lesson unless the student suffers from sudden illness (really sick students should stay home),

    - In cases of sudden illness, notice must be given to the instructor and CFTA before the scheduled lesson and a make up lesson can be scheduled at no additional charge,

    - 1 no-show with less than 48-hours notice can be billed at $0 with previous 3 months of regular month-in-advance pay history-all other no shows with no notice are billable at regular rates and may not be able to be made up at no additional cost.

• Making up rescheduled lesson time can be difficult because of all the schedules involved and the necessity that all parties need to make a predictable income; patience and flexibility will be reciprocated.


Please give me a call to discuss any questions, etc. and schedule your lessons soon.

Slots are limited and filled on a first scheduled basis.


Thank You and See You Soon,

Our acoustically isolated Music Room is a professional quality recording booth too!

Narrators, vocalists and instrument players can rent our Music Room for as little as $5 per hour including piano and drum set.

Burn a beat at CFTA!

Bring your own recording gear or rent our professional quality equipment.

The music room is wired to an adjoining control room, and professional digital recording gear and technical support services are


Got a band? Rent the best sounding live venue in town.

Sweet Bee Theater has the finest acoustics of any venue in Pittsboro and holds 104 - only $30/hr. minimum 3.


Call Craig at (919) 533-6997 for more info.

PYT's Mission: 

"Improve Pittsboro's future by enriching local

children's lives and continue Pittsboro's rich arts heritage"

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