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 Elite  Ensemble/JTF is Pittsboro Youth Theater's top tier providing advanced training in theater's "Big 3" (singing, dancing and acting) to elite-level young stage performers in the Triangle. Members of PYT's EE/JTF cast must pass an audition to join, exhibit outstanding commitment to participate and ultimately compete at Junior Theater Festival (JTF) Atlanta.

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By Appointment Only

Please email pytensemble@gmail.com to schedule an audition!

Location:  Sweet Bee Theater

18A East Salisbury St., Pittsboro, NC 27312

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Pittsboro Youth Theater's  E lite cast of

Disney's "Frozen" musical at 

2022 Junior Theater Festival (JTF) Atlanta.

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Introduction to PYT's Elite Ensemble/JTF

Pittsboro Youth Theater's Elite Ensemble (PYT's EE) is for actor/singer/dancers with on-stage experience and/or exceptional abilities. This cast is competitive by nature, rehearses for 8-months, and ultimatly competes against other casts in the worlds largest youth musical theater festival, JTF Atlanta. A high degree of dedication is required of PYT's EE cast members and their families.


Members of PYT's Elite Ensemble will rehearse for 8-months in preparation for their trip to perform/compete at 2023 Junior Theater Festival Atlanta. During rehearsals expert direction will be provided in the big 3 disciplines of musical theater:  acting, singing and dancing by the finest professional Directors in each discipline available. In addition to PYT's staff Directors, members of PYT's EE/JTF will receive special trainings by select theater professionals in the area and attend live musical theater in the region as a group. 

PYT's JTF cast membership is by audition only. No one is guaranteed a spot. Auditions will be open to those with no history with Pittsboro Youth Theater. So, come to the audition well prepared. Based on auditions PYT Directors will invite the top 20 actors, singers and dancers plus 2 alternates based on their auditions. Staying in the cast through JTF 2023 will require a high level of commitment, excellent attendance, continual skill development, team spirit and following PYT's rules.


Musicals to sing and read from in audition are sent to potential team members after contacting our Artistic Director. These may not be the only shows that we choose from for JTF…just a starting place. 

      - Into the Woods

      - Peter Pan

      - Lion King

      - Madagascar

A dance sequence will be taught and performed during the audition. Wear clothes to the audition that allow freedom of movement. Dance clothes are recommended for those who have them. JTF clothes would be great.


A successful audition will be required before being invited to join PYT's Elite Ensemble/JTF cast.

2023 JTF Atlanta

The Junior Theater Festival Atlanta will run Thursday through Monday, January 12-16, 2023.

      For more information about JTF visit:

             - JTF's Facebook site

             - JTF's website

             - newspaper article about PYT's experience at 2022 JTF Atlanta.

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The Junior Theater Festival (JTF) is the world’s biggest and
best celebration of young people performing musical theater.

More Info.

"The Big 3" Disciplines of Musical Theater

      Professional Directors will supervise every JTF rehearsal. All JTF cast members will be presented, rehearse and perform advanced Acting, Singing and Dance. Students will be expected to master the basics of each discipline.

        - Acting:  monologues, duo scenes, small group scenes, beginning improv

        - Vocal:  proper singing techniques, ensemble singing, solo singing, breath support, confidence, harmonies

        - Dance:  Coordination, Timing, Rhythm, Conditioning, Vocabulary, Strength, Flexibility


PYT's Elite Ensemble (JTF cast) is not for everyone. Successful Elite Ensemble members must be very dedicated.

      - Attendance:  A maximum of 4 unexcused absences during the entire 8 month season will result in consequences.

      - Rehearsal Dress Code:  Elite cast members must wear black jazz pants, jazz shoes and a plain black shirt to all rehearsals.

      - Consequences:  Elite cast members who do not follow rules, directions or miss too many rehearsals will become alternates. Alternates who do not follow rules, directions or miss too many rehearsals will be removed from the program and replaced. 

      - While the Elite Ensemble's main purpose is to go to 2023 JTF Atlanta, they will also perform at street fairs and other community events. Participation in all events is expected. 

Catherine Hall won 2 awards at JTF 2022 Website.png

Catherine Hall and other

PYT actors won awards at

2022 JTF Atlanta.

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsal dates and times will vary by season. Rehearsals will include multiple segments dealing with musical theater skills as follows.

  April-May 2022

      Fridays 5:00-7-00pm (except Fridays on 4/8, 4/29, 5/13 and 5/20 are replaced with optional Thursday rehearsals on 4/7, 4/28, 5/12 and 5/19)

        - 5:00-6:00pm - Group Vocal Training

        - 6:00-7:00pm - Dance, Technique


  June-July 2022

      Wednesdays 5:00-7-00pm

        - 5:00-6:00pm - Acting, Monologues/Scenes from potential musical plays

        - 6:00-7:00pm - Dance, Musical Theater Jazz

        - Musical play will be chosen and roles will be assigned by the last rehearsal in July

September-December 18, 2022

      Sundays 3:00-6:00pm

        - 3:00 to 4:00 - Dance, Choreography

        - 4:00-5:00pm - Blocking and Acting

        - 5:00 to 6:00pm -  Group Vocals

        - No rehearsals during holiday break 12/19/22-1/3/23

January 4-10

      This week will have many mandatory weekday evening and weekend day rehearsals.

        - Dates and Times TBD

        - Mandatory Intensive Run-through Rehearsal


Once admitted into the cast, the following fees and costs will be due.

      - $95 per month, per Elite Ensemble cast member, April-December 2022 which will cover:

             - All group vocal, dance and acting rehearsals

             - JTF attire (3 t-shirts, skirt or pants, shoes and a team jacket)

             - All PYT expenses including JTF group registration fee, administrative and other costs.

      - $300 one-time registration fee to JTF Atlanta for each cast member and any other person entering festival. 

      - Cast member families must cover the cost of food, lodging and transportation to Atlanta. All cast members must stay in the same hotel to be arranged by PYT.

      - PYT will not be fundraising for JTF but individuals are welcome to conduct and administrate their own fundraising activities. Specific revokable permission must be obtained in writing from Pittsboro Youth Theater before our name or logo can be used in any way.

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PYT Actors traded JTF bracelets with other youth theater casts from around the globe.

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