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PYT Rules

PYT RULES - Kitten Herding Vid FF

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Rules All Pittsboro Youth Theater (PYT) Actors Must Follow

in any activity involving PYT

  • Always listen to PYT Directors and Managers, they can add rules at any time. That means all Directors and Managers!

  • No gum at any time.

  • Attendance is important. Do not miss a rehearsal unless you have a really good reason and then always tell your PYT Director ahead of time that you can’t make it. Attendance at performances is mandatory without the prior approval of your Director and a reason as serious and unexpected as hospitalization or death of a close relative.

  • No food or drink onstage.

  • No electronics unless the director gives permission.

  • Do not touch another actor’s props or costumes.

  • No hiding, climbing or running unless instructed to do so by your Director.

  • Directors direct. Actors act.

  • Use nice words.

  • Do not leave the rehearsal/performance/Center for the Arts space without an adult or specific permission by a PYT Director or Manager.

  • No person, at the theater, online, in texts. No bullying anywhere.

  • No (PDAs) public displays of affection.

  • Friendly Pets are allowed only for short periods before or after activities.

  • Have fun!

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