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Past Productions

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Wizard of Oz

Our Junior Ensemble cast did a great job on this interactive, young performer's version of the classic story. Two sold out shows had a great time in the PBO Community House.

Wiley & The Hairy Man

A terrific performance with lots of humor, action and great reviews!!! This was our most professional production up to that time.

Mother Goose: Once Upon a Shoe

Great fun ...the cast of 13

performed wonderfully and the audience loved it! Check out the 2 story shoe!

Jungle Book

PYT's first play ever - we barely pulled it off but had so much fun and the kids enjoyed it so much we kept at it ...and here we are!

Lena Sbati

...tries on her Mad Hatter costume during Alice in Wonderland rehearsal.

Pittsboro Youth Theater's Ensemble of 13 local children

in grades 5-8 performed

Alice in Wonderland

three times May 21-22 at the Pittsboro Kiwanis Clubhouse. 

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

A huge cast and production for our second play - just about killed us.

Little Red Riding Hood

The birds nest in the tree was our biggest set piece. It was big enough to hold 5 blue birds played by Jr. Ensemble actresses. 

Aesops Fables

4 famous fables performed by our Junior Ensemble. In this pic the tortoise is describing his relationship with the hare  to a wise old owl.

Charlotte's Web

Performed with Little Red... this show brought in a crowd of 215 ...a record for sweet little PYT.

Ozma of Oz

Our biggest production ever. The cast did great, costumes were stunning, and the sets and lighting made Oz an unforgettable experience.

All smiles after 2 sold out performances of Wizard of Oz

at the Pittsboro Community House May 14th

Shown left to right are: Lachlann Kepley (Good Fairy), Shae Leighton (Dorothy), Skippy Gustafson (Tin Man), Kyle Stinson (Lion), Tammy Mathews (Pittsboro Youth Theater Artistic Director/Co-founder), Amari Bullett (Wicked Witch), Liam Priddle (Scarecrow).

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