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***Important Notice to Customers–Jan. 20, 2023***


  • All Spring '23 Theater Operations of Pittsboro Youth Theater are discontinuedTheater Operations May Continue Under New Management in the future


  • Center for the Arts MUSIC SCHOOL IS CONTINUING Private Music Lessons


  • Entire PYT/CFTA Family of Community Performing Arts Organizations Up For Sale


We regret to inform you that after 10 years in business, Tammy Matthews and Craig Witter, the sole Member/Managers of Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC, do not have the financial resources or personal energies to continue to operate our theater organization or continue with plans to build our new North Chatham Performing Arts Center. 


We are very sorry that our decision to close Pittsboro Youth Theater will cause sadness for a great many kids, parents and other supporters. We love you very much.


To those who are not saddened by the passing of our organization and/or those who have talked poorly of us to others, shame on you. Tammy and Craig, flawed humans like everyone, invested all our best personal efforts and financial means to benefit a community we now cannot afford to continue to live or do business in; we did our best, but now we and our money are spent.


Therefore, regarding Pittsboro Youth Theater activities, 

  • Spring 2023 theater casts of Pittsboro Youth Theater are discontinued effective immediately. 


  • All scheduled Spring '23 cast rehearsals/auditions/performances from this date forward are cancelled.


  • All deposits paid to Pittsboro Youth Theater for children's participation in Spring 2023 theater cast(s) will be refunded to payers as soon as possible. 


  • All donations made to help us build the new North Chatham Performing Arts Center (NCPAC) will be used by new owners of our organization for that purpose if possible. If no buyer is found who wants to continue with NCPAC by Feb. 20, 2023, then all donations made to help build NCPCAC will be refunded to those who donated as soon as possible thereafter.


Tammy and I will do our best to find suitable buyers of Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC as soon as possible. We hope that a buyer or buyers will be found soon, who will resume theater operations with as little interruption as possible, continue to operate CFTA's music school, and/or continue the NCPAC building project uninterrupted.


We hope to find a buyer of our entire family of operations. One way or another, assets of Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC will be sold in an increasingly granular fashion; i.e.:


  • Starting now PYT theater and CFTA music school organizations with their assets are for sale; perhaps different buyers will be found for PYT theater and CFTA music school organizations.


  • Starting on March 1, 2023, assets that have not been sold in bulk with theater and or music school organizations will be sold independently (by the each), including:  costumes, props, set pieces, technical equipment, music school instruments/equipment, etc


We hope to find a buyer for our theater organizations/operations that who will reopen theater operations soon and/or continue our music school and/or NCPAC building plans.


Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC assets for sale include:

  • Community performing arts organizations with 10-years growth interrupted only by COVID until 2023

  • An exceptionally affordable 15-year lease on an unfinished North Chatham Performing Arts Center facility with building plans to finish the space

  • Every thing a community youth theater needs to do business, including:  costumes, props, set pieces and technical equipment (lighting, audio, etc.), furniture, fixtures, etc.

  • Office equipment, software, procedures, experienced staff contacts

  • Much, much more


We will try to communicate the wonderful upsides of our organization to prospective buyers who have the resources to follow through with building and opening North Chatham Performing Arts Center by Summer 2023.


Tammy and Craig's goal was to transfer ownership/operation to new, younger and more capable owners and/or operational staff before we got into this situation. We're sorry that things came to this so suddenly, and we hope that we can find some way for PYT to continue to provide services to our patrons soon.





Tammy Matthews and Craig Witter

Co-founders, Owners, Operators, Member/Managers


Pittsboro Youth Theater LLC

Thank You

​for helping Pittsboro Youth Theater

Build North Chatham's New Performing Arts Center 


After dedicating all our personal energies and financial means to bootstrap Pittsboro Youth Theater over the past 10 years, words do little to express the thanks that Tammy and I feel having received donations to help us build North Chatham Performing Arts Center.

Congratulations to those who invest with us in a selfless vision of community improvement!  You can be proud that your donation will make a positive difference in the lives of countless children, families, and Chatham County for decades to come.

Today, when so many people's social lives are limited to engaging with others while isolated, ​"It takes a village to raise a child."  is truer and rarer than ever. 


And like a child, Pittsboro Youth Theater is a small organization without the resources to thrive and grow without the love, kindness and care of those who want us to do well.

Thank You,


Tammy and Craig at PYT

Fractured Atlas Fundraising Photo NCPAC SMALL D05b copy.jpg


All of a sudden our Youth Theater and Center for the Arts need a new facility.

Please help us build 

North Chatham Performing Arts Center (NCPAC)

Opening April 1, 2023



Chatham County, NC's one and only community theater and Center for the Arts is in urgent need of funds to finish-out a new building and open April 1, 2023! When our current 93-year old building became unlivable, we got lucky to find and get a 15-year lease on a great, new ...but empty... building shell in a fantastic location. Please help us finish out the new building and make our wonderful new North Chatham Performing Arts Center (NCPAC). The new facility and name will be a great long-term home for our much-loved Pittsboro Youth Theater's (PYT's) family of community performing arts organizations and Sweet Bee Theater performance space. 

This is a huge undertaking for little ol' us. Sure we're celebrating 10-years in operation, have grown every year except COVID, and have hundreds of patron families that love us and tens of thousands of locals who love our shows. But our self-funded organization is the humble result of boot strapping ourselves and living within meager means for the sake of loving community performing arts. 

Architects and Engineers and Contractors ...Oh My!
All our existing assets, patrons and friends working together should be enough to barely get us into a new bare-bones space in less than 6 months but it'll be tighter than heck. We really need some new supporters to give us a hand over the next few months to make sure we don't get stuck and to make our new facility look like somewhere kids and families will feel comfortable in.

Founded and Operated Like a Nice Growing Family
Celebrating 10-years in operation, Pittsboro Youth Theater (PYT) is a vibrant, professional-level community theater organization which teaches theater arts to and produces family plays for, with and by area children and adults. Pyt was founded in 2012 with 6 children and now serves hundreds of families each year. 

5-years ago we started Center for the Arts Pittsboro with the one and only independent, live-performance theater in Chatham County. Now, when our old building can no longer be used, we have a professional music school and our dance department is growing quickly.

Pittsboro Youth Theater's family of community arts organizations was founded by Tammy Matthews, Artistic Director and Craig Witter, Technical/Marketing Director. Both active drivers of community theater and performing arts in and around Pittsboro, NC. 

Tammy Matthews has over 50 years of experience in both education and theater. Ms. Matthews attended the prestigious Goodman School of Drama and holds a BA in both theater and elementary education. She also has a Masters degree in Education. Miss Tammy has won many awards including a 2013 Kenan Fellowship and was appointed to The Governor's Teacher Network to develop North Carolina elementary curricula. Ms. Matthews worked in theater in Chicago in various capacities before becoming a teacher.


Craig Witter, Technical/Marketing Director and Co-founder, is responsible for pretty much everything PYT does that is not directly associated with casts on-stage. With a team of over 20 returning volunteers, Mr. Witter designs, builds and paints set pieces, coordinates performances and concessions, marketing, administration, etc. Mr. Craig has a Bachelors in Communication with Honors and brings over 20 years of experience and equipment he gained running a successful video production business.


Adversity Builds Confidence in the Strong
Building our new NCPAC is not by choice. We just found out in August 2022 that our community arts center and theater can't stay in our existing 93-year old building past March 31, 2023. So the urgent need to create a new arts center facility is upon us. 

With an immediate shortage of community performing arts spaces in Chatham County and no immediate plans by the County to add them, PYT's NCPAC construction project is unavoidably fast-paced.

Extraordinary support and assistance by Chatham County residents, elected officials and Building Departments for NCPAC is appropriate and necessary. Especially now, when the largest property development and factory projects in North Carolina's history are being built in Chatham County. 


With Chatham Park and VinFast leading an unprecedented pace of development here now, building department officials and all construction-industry professionals are saturated with work. Expecting them to lend timely attention to our relatively small, fast-paced project is an unfortunate but necessary challenge.

Our small project pales in size and budget to other developments but will provide important local culturally-enriching opportunities for children and their families to learn, practice and perform theater arts, dancing and music and provide residents with quality, wholesome and local entertainment options.

NCPAC must be ready to open by April 1, 2023.  NCPAC is being built with 2/3 funds already raised by Pittsboro Youth Theater's family of performing arts organizations and 1/3 funds remaining to be raised from our patrons and other supporters of the arts who live and enjoy the arts in our community predominantly. 

Please spread the word amongst your family, friends and neighbors. Letting them know that you support this important cultural project, and you are working to see NCPAC's successful opening by April 1, 2023, will show you recognize that healthy Chatham County families need cultural resources in addition to new houses, jobs, commercial and retail spaces.


Together we can feed the soul and spirit of Chatham County for decades to come.


Thank you in advance for helping us build a wonderful new North Chatham Performing Arts Center (NCPAC) and for voicing your support loudly, proudly, soon and often.

To accept tax-deductible donations for our North Chatham Performing Arts Center project, NCPAC is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of NCPAC must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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