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Acting Classes

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     M-F 8am-5:30pm

     Sat. 8am-4pm

     Sun. Noon-4

     ...& for events

Daytime acting classes for homeschoolers are taught in Sweet BeeTheater by Pittsboro Youth Theater's Artistic Director, Tammy Matthews.


Daytime classes provide students with:

  • Personal growth opportunities

  • Fun

  • Supervised socialization

  • All the creative benefits of multi-month play cast experiences of PYT theatrical productions.


Daytime class members in spring 2019 will rehearse and perform the play Rapunzel. 


Scroll down to complete class registration form at the bottom of this page.

Homeschool Classes


Students will use games, improv, monologues and the script of "Rapunzel" to refine theater/life skills including: embodying a character, vocal projection and expression. Students will explore and understand the elements of a scene including character, relationships, objectives and conflict.


Students will preform Rapunzel for their parents with minimal costumes and sets during the final class May 22nd

Rehearsals:  Every Wednesday/Friday 2:00 to 4:00pm

Limit:   20 students. 

Cost:   $100* per month for 4 months 


Space is limited. Deadline for application for Spring 2019 classes is the first class January 30, 2019

*Family Discount:  20% off listed rates for 3 or more siblings enrolled in any PYT acting class(es) concurrently. Family discounts are deducted from each student's final monthly fee in a semester (3rd monthly fee in Fall 2018). Note that the 20% discount is calculated by multiplying the total of 3 monthly class fees by .2; for example, a class costing a total of $300 over 3 months for each  student results in a total cost of $900 for 3 sibling students. The discount would be $60 each ($180 for 3 siblings enrolled in any PYT classes at the same time). A "Redeem Family Discount" item will be added to PYT's online store before the third month's payment is due; the cost of this item will be the regular monthly payment minus 20% of 3 monthly fees for one student ($60 for a $100 per month class). A family with 3 sibling students who were each enrolled in any 1 PYT acting class concurrently would by 3 of these  "...Discount" items for $40 each to redeem their family discount. Sorry this is so long winded! Please call Craig if you have any question about family discounts's really not that complicated.

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Tammy Matthews

Pittsboro Youth Theater

Acting Teacher,

Artistic Director,


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