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PYT Needs Help Tues., Dec. 7th / Wed., Dec. 8th

Preparing PaperHand Puppet Gym/Studio  for "High School Musical" Performances

     Pittsboro Youth Theater needs a few capable volunteers to work at PaperHand's facility on Tuesday, Dec. 7th or Wednesday the 8th from 5 'til 8pm to help move puppets, clean up the old gym floor, and generally spruce up the fantastic place for our shows next weekend. It'll be something volunteers will never forget–not the kind of thing a person does everyday! If you're interested in helping fix up PaperHand's gym/studio for PYT's "High School Musical" performances, please send an email to; be sure to mention if you're available Tuesday, Dec. 7th or Wednesday, Dec.8th from 5pm-8pm in your email.

     The astounding venue for Pittsboro Youth Theater's premiere musical performances of the season, "High School Musical", will be worth the price of admission by itself. We have rented the repurposed school gymnasium that is PaperHand Puppets' studio and warehouse in Saxapahaw, NC for our 8 "High School Musical" performances, Saturdays and Sundays, Dec. 11-19. Anyone who has never been to PaperHand Puppet's facility in Saxapahaw, and that's most people, will be in for a real treat. PaperHand Puppets has a rich and long history making astoundingly huge and wonderful paper mache masks and figures. Their September performances in Chapel Hill have been very popular for decades. They were invited to perform in the White House for the President. Their full-size gym in Saxapahaw is where all the puppets and theatrical sets from decades of performances are created and stored. 

      For more information about PaperHand Puppet Intervention, visit their website at



Volunteer to Help Make PYT Magic(er)!!!

In 9 short years volunteers have transformed Pittsboro Youth Theater from an idea into a vibrant community theater organization with our own Sweet Bee Theater, the one and only live-performance theater in Chatham County, NC, in our Center for the Arts smack dab in the heart of downtown Pittsboro.

Come join other friendly neighbors have fun and further PYT's mission:  

"...improve Pittsboro's future by enriching local children's lives and continue Pittsboro's rich arts heritage." 

There are many opportunities for friendly folks to help Pittsboro Youth Theater perform our magic.


- Construct sets

- Paint

- Transport sets, props and such to rehearsals and performances

- Help at a performance

- Apply your business skill such as marketing, communications, grant writing, ...

- And more


To join us and be an active participant in positively shaping the future of Pittsboro, please complete the following form. Someone from PYT will contact you with opportunities to get involved.

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