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Buy this product to pay the "Pixies, Kings & Magical Things" montly cast member fee for each cast member on the first of every month, Feb. thru Apr., 2020.


Note there will be a $50 Production Fee due Apr. 1, 2020 which can be paid as an item in this online store.


Pixies, Kings... Cast Fee (Due by 1st of Month)

  • PYT cast member fees can be paid online by purchasing Fee products in our Online Store. 

    Cast Member Monthly Fees are due by the 1st of every month during rehearsals.

    The First Monthly fee must be paid with a completed application. Second and subsequent monthly fees are paid by purchasing product(s) in PYT's online store or by paying by cash or check at a rehearsal.

    A production fee is due on the 1st one entire month or more before the performance to help cover costumes, sets, venue rental, etc.; e.g., if the performance is scheduled for December, the production fee is due a month or so before the show(s).

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