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• 3 Great Non-musical Plays
Disney's "Descendants" Musical

Gooney Bird Animal Parade WEBSITE Graphi

"Gooney Bird Greene and Her Fabulous Animal Parade"

        Mrs. Pidgeon has just begun a unit on Aesop's Fables when the classroom door opens and Gooney Bird Greene bursts onto the stage. The Watertower Animal Shelter is about to close due to lack of funds, says Gooney! What will happen to all the poor animals? "I know!" says Gooney Bird with her wonderful sense of adventure. "Let's create our own fables right here in class, Mrs. Pidgeon, and then perform them as a fundraiser for the animal shelter....


"Gooney Bird Greene and Her Fabulous Animal Parade" 

Young children's Comedy play

   - for Ages 6-10

   - Zoom Rehearsals W & F 5-6:00pm,

        & S 10-11:00am, starting S, Jan. 9th

   - Cost:  $135 per month Jan. - May

        (5 monthly payments during rehearsals and

        performances) due on the 1st

        - $65 production fee*

   - LIVE PERFORMANCES in May (in-person on-stage or 1 online depending on COVID)

*if performances are in-person on-stage





















"Wizard of Oz"

        The lights go up and Dorothy finds herself in the land of Oz. It's the classic tale that'll take the cast and audiences on the familiar adventure none will ever forget. This will be a traditional play not a musical.

"Wizard of Oz"

Youth Classic Adventure play

   - for Ages 10-14

   - Zoom Rehearsals T & Th 5:00-6:00pm,

        & S 11:00am-Noon, starting S, Jan. 9th

   - Cost:  $140 per month Jan. -May 

        (5 monthly payments during rehearsals and

        performances) due on the 1st

        - $75 additional production fee*

   - LIVE PERFORMANCES in May (in-person on-stage or 1 online depending on COVID)

*if performances are in-person on-stage

Descendants LOGO.png

"The Complete History of Theatre (abridged)"


       A condensed Cliff's Notes comedic version of a carelessly short "...History of Theatre" on a roll with rapid costume changes, ridiculous dialogue, bologna and spicy mustard. 

Mad Comedy play

   - for Grade 8 thru High Schoolers

   - Rehearsals Wed. 6:30-8:00pm

        & S Noon-1:30pm, starting S, Jan. 9th

   - Cost:  $145 per month Jan. - May 

        (5 monthly payments during rehearsals and

        performances) due on the1st

        - $80 production fee*

   - LIVE PERFORMANCES in May/June (in-person on-stage or 1 online depending on COVID)

*if performances are in-person on-stage

•  •  •













Seeking Cast Members to act

Rotten to the Core  in Disney's "" Descendants"  Musical Play


PYT currently plans for our "Descendants" Spring 2021 musical to begin with online rehearsals and have live performances. As weather warms and COVID permits, we will shift Saturday rehearsals to mandatory, in-person outdoors. Performances will either be Drive-In (like the wonderful "Heal 2020" performances) or be live on an area amphitheater stage with the degree of social-distancing which is safe and permitted in May.


       Reserve your spot early in PYT's brand-new premiere musical comedy featuring the beloved characters and hit songs from the all-time favorite Disney films!

It is present-day, and in the kingdom of Auradon, all of Disney’s beloved heroes and royalty are living happily ever after, safe from the terrifying villains and troublesome sidekicks they have banished to the magic-free Isle of the Lost. ...and then the fun starts as this musical bursts onto the stage.

Disney's "" Descendants"  Musical

PYT Priemiere Spring 2021 Production

Starting Online, Rehearsals 

   - for Middle & High Schoolers

   - Zoom Rehearsals T & Th 6:30-7:30pm,

        & S 2:00-4:00pm starting S, Jan. 9, 2021

   - Cost:  $150 per month Jan. - May 

        (5 monthly payments during rehearsals and

        performances) due on the 1st

   - plus 3 private, half-hour voice lessons at $30 each,

   - plus $85 production fee due April 1st

   - Multiple Live-On-Stage Performances in Late May

The_Wizard_of_Oz_Cast WEBSITE D01.jpg

Watch all 3 parts now!

By PYT's Spring 2020 Young Advanced Cast

Watch Now



Old-time Radio Variety Show

Comedy with Spedial Musical Guest

David Quick Jazz

Rewritten and Reproduced in Pittsboro

By Chatham Community Players Adults

   more info...

Live-Stream by PYT Middle School Cast

Winner of 3 Triangle-wide

Theater Awards in 2020

Watch Now

End Frame Cast Smile SMALL.png

"Pittsboro's Beautiful City Virtual Choir"

By PYT's Cast of Godspell 2020

Watch Now


The shared traumatic experiences, including

COVID-19, Pittsboro's  courthouse fire and

confederate statue protests, contrasted against a message of hope vocalized by local children in the video are likely to strike a positive cord in viewers around Pittsboro, Chatham and NC,...

By PYT's Winter 2020 Youngest Cast

Watch Now

By PYT's Summer 2020 Middle School Cast

Watch Now

By PYT's Summer 2020 Middle School Cast

Watch Now

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Brushes with Greatness Virtual Choir Finale

By PYT's Summer 2020 Middle School Cast

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By PYT's Spring 2020 Middle School Cast

Watch Now

Pittsboro Youth Theater's

Family of Community Arts Organizations

Activities During COVID-19

Updated:  11am, 5/11/20

Dear PYT Family, Patrons, Friends and Lookieloos,

Tammy and Craig, co-founders and -operators, wish to share the following updates on our family of community arts organizations. Click on the following organization links for details about activities, programs, performances, online endeavors and specific impacts and changes due to COVID-19.


Red figures below reflect monthly revenue declines since mid-march 2020. Suffice it to say, if our family of arts organizations were a medical patient today, we would be in "serious" condition. Without some successful cash-infusion treatment we expect to be in "critical" condition sometime in August 2020. Please watch our virtual performance videos on our YouTube channel and...

Pittsboro Youth Theater -80%

(PYT local youth performance troupe based in CFTA)

Fall 2020 Productions

Summer Camps

Center for the Arts, Pittsboro -100%

(CFTA arts campus in downtown Pittsboro, NC)

CFTA Music School -40%

(professional private music lessons)


CFTA Art Gallery/Gift Shop -100%

(professional private music lessons)

Sweet Bee Theater -100%

(live-performance theater/stage in CFTA)

Sweet Bee Caffe -100%

(purveyor of fine coffees. chocolates and more in CFTA)

Chatham Community Players -100%

(local adult community theater performance troupe based in CFTA)

Small businesses in general and performance arts organizations in particular are being hit hard by economic conditions, social distancing and restrictions of the size of gatherings. We encourage our patrons to keep this in mind as you make decisions about how, where and when to enjoy/support the arts.


The family of arts organizations at the Center for the Arts, Pittsboro will do our best to addapt and economize. This so we can continue to provide wonderful cultural arts skills and experiences to area children and adults during COVID and come back stronger long term. 


If you would ordinarily support us in ways that new circumstances change, please consider donating the value of our virtual performances to continue our financial solvency and increase the likelihood that our organizations will be here when circumstances improve. 

Here's a short list of Summer 2020 activities we hope will brighten the spirits of wonderful folks in Chatham county and beyond:

  • Summer Virtual Theater Activities for kids. More info.

  • YouTube Performance videos by PYT’s Spring season casts... a dozen are in production now. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss one video!
      ... Godspell Musical, PYTs spectacular musical of the season
Tinker Bell, a gem of a comedy play by PYTs talented middle-aged cast
Pixies, Kings & Magical Things by PYTs youngest cast
The Show Must Go Online! Terfficic comedy about theater
during social distancing by PYT veterans
      ... Announcing
Episode 1 of PBO R&R, "Buddy's Closet"... The first in a series of locally rewritten and reproduced old time radio style programs starring adult members of our Chatham Community Players with performances by local musicians. LISTEN NOW!

More information about our operations and activities during this COVID mess and our wacky family of arts organizations is below and all over this website.


Thank you and bee safe!


Tammy and Craig, Owners and Founders

Pittsboro Youth Theater's

Family of Arts Organizations in the 

Center for the Arts, Pittsboro

CFTA Silver Thank You MEDALLIONS Website



Coolest, Darned, Pittsboro Rewritten & Reproduced series of old-time radio, feel-good comedy programs with local musical guests.

by Chatham Community Players acting troupe.

LISTEN  to Episode #1 on Our YouTube CHANNEL!


Old-time Radio Entertainment

by the Chatham Community Players

Rewritten and Reproduced in Pittsboro   more info...

Sam Ezell, Featured Artist

Folk and geometric artworks on exhibition in CFTA's Great Room Gallery

Starting when we reopen

Pat Stucke, Accordion Player

Enjoy live European cafe music in CFTA's

Sweet Bee Caffe select weekend afternoons.

Starting when we reopen

CFTA Silver Thank You MEDALLIONS Website

The Center for the Arts, Pittsboro (CFTA) and our resident arts organizations, services, events and activities only exist because people in our community know about us and choose to come here. 

Great for Pittsboro to Know...

Check out all the goings on at CFTAYou might be surprised!


A "by-accident" organization, Pittsboro Youth Theater is CFTA's anchor tenant

and the only reason this hot-mess of arts-related goodness exists in Pittsboro.



Social Justice Theater of the Carolinas

A joint endeavor of a volunteer ensemble cast and the Center for the Arts, Pittsboro to change the fraying social fabric of the US

Music Lessons

5 Instructors 6 days a week teaching singing voice, guitar, violin, piano, ukulele, cello, stand-up bass, fiddle and more.


Sweet Bee Caffé

Fine fresh Coffee and Chocolates


Art Gallery and Gift Shop

Paintings and hand-made art glass jewelry and hangings by local artists)


Chatham Community Players

Area adult actors and actresses audition, rehearse and perform 3-4 shows a year in Sweet Bee Theater






Coolest, Darned, Pittsboro Rewritten & Reproduced series of old-time radio, feel-good comedy and local music entertainment programs

by Chatham Community Players acting troupe and local musicians.

LISTEN  to Episode #1 on Our YouTube CHANNEL!

Sweet Bee Theater

The one and only public theater in Chatham County! Home to Pittsboro Youth Theater, Chatham Community Players and Social Justice Theater of the Carolinas, events, private parties, conferences, movies and more


...Please Tell Your Friends!

Join Mailing List.png
March 4, 2020
As We Address Coronavirus Together
Dear Patrons of Sweet Bee Caffe, Pittsboro Youth Theater and the Center for the Arts, Pittsboro.

As members of the family of fine organizations within the Center for the Arts, Pittsboro, we are dedicated to improving the lives of area residents. 

The ongoing good health of our customers, neighbors and vistors is of great importance to us.

All employees and owners of organizations here are working hard to keep our facility as clean and sterilized as we can. We have added extra cleaning procedures with bleach and Lysol before, during and at the end of every day we're open.


In addition, we've instituted new hand washing procedures in the theater and caffe. Every cast and crew member must wash their hands with soap and water before every rehearsal or performance.


Caffe workers must wash their hands before handling drink or food materials, supplies or equipment–after receiving payments, after touching their face or touching anything other than clean equipment, materials or supplies.



Craig Witter, Executive Director

Center for the Arts, Pittsboro


In the heart of downtown Pittsboro

Sweet Bee Theater

is the only

public theater in Chatham county.

CFTA Music Lessons ONLINE MED GFX D06.jp

PYT's Mission: 

"Improve Pittsboro's future by enriching local

children's lives and continue Pittsboro's rich arts heritage"

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