A parent or guardian must come in with each camper to sign each camper in or out each morning and evening. Whoo Hoo! Sweet Bee Caffe is in the house serving delicious hot and iced coffee drinks, frappes, smoothies, bakery items and chocolates 8am-6pm M-F.


Purchase this product to pay the remaining balance for one each week of camp for each 1 camper;

• 1-week campers buy 1 of these items for each camp enrolled;

• 3-week Little Mermaid musical campers buy 3 of these items,...


This payment covers all charges for one camper for each week of theater summer camp not including a $75-per-week deposit which should have been paid with application.


Cost Breakdown of Summer Camps Per Week

Total Cost:  $265 

Deposit Amount:  $75

Final Payment:  $190 (Total cost of $265 minus $75 deposit)


If a $75 deposit payment was not paid previously, please complete an application at the bottom of the "Summer Camps" page on this website. Every camper must complete an online application before the first day of camp.


See the "Summer Camps" page on this website for more information about Summer Theater Camps and Intensives.

Remaining Balance Due Per Week for Summer Camps (after $75 deposit)