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Monthly cast fees are due on the 1st of every month during rehearsals and considdered late after the 5th. Please add this $20 late fee item to your cart when paying your monthly cast fee after the 5th of the month.


PYT is a sweet little organization with a large community philanthropy problem. We only exist because of the support of wonderful people. We work tirelessly to assure every cast and audience member enjoys the most terrific experience possible. Receiving timely payments allows us to do good things on a timely basis like pay rent, utility bills, insurance, buy costumes, props and such.


Please accept our thanks for paying us on time.

Late Fee - Add to cart for payments made after due date.

  • Late fees are reduced based on the level of contrition exhibited by the late payer; e.g., adequate contrition can be acheived by slightly missing a due date only occasionally, making a donation every so often, volunteering, purchasing a sponsorship and/or owning a PYT shirt and wearing it proudly.

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