Purchase one or more of this item to pay the balance remaining after deposit for each week of FULL-WEEK Summer Camps by Pittsboro Youth Theater.


All camps are 1 full week except Theater/Improv, "Annie" and "Matilda".

- Theater/Improv camp is less than a full week, so purchase the other "IMPROV BALANCE" item.

- "Annie" camp is 2 full weeks, so purchase 2 of this item for each camper in "Annie".

- "Matilda" camp is 3 full weeks, so purchase 3 of this item for each camper in "Annie".


Total cost of all full-week camps:  $295 per week.

Deposit paid with registration:  $75 per week.

Balance remaining after deposit :  $220 per week.



FULL-WEEK Summer Camps - Per Week