A parent or guardian must come in with each camper to sign each camper in or out each morning and evening. Whoo Hoo! Sweet Bee Caffe is in the house serving delicious hot and iced coffee drinks, frappes, smoothies, bakery items and chocolates 8am-6pm M-F.


Please purchase a multiple number of this product to pay the hours or parts thereof between when your child was dropped off and 8:30am or from 5:15pm to when your child was picked up. 


Amounts owed for early camp and late camp will be calculated based on the "Sign In/Out Sheet" for each camp and emailed parents with amounts due (the hours or parts thereof for which they are being charged). Please let us know if you think there was an error, and we'll check the Sign In/Out Sheet.



See the "Summer Camps" page on this website for more information.

Before & After Summer Camp Care ($5 per hr.) Fees