Thank you very much for this non-tax deductible donation to the several community arts organizations that make up Pittsboro's Center for the Arts! Pittsboro Youth Theater, Sweet Bee Theater and Center for the Arts, Pittsboro are everything Tammy and Craig can do with  and for Pittsboro. We invest many thousands of dollars and hours into improving Pittsboro and greatly appreciate your help.


Note that our wonderful mascot Tuck's leg was shattered by a hit and run driver Oct. 27, 2017. Donations to our small family of for-profit Pittsboro arts businesses helped pay for Tuck's emergency care and surgery.


Many people know and love Tuck. He is a wonderful, smart working dog and a much loved member of Craig and Tammy's many families (at home and at work at Pittsboro Youth Theater, Sweet Bee Theater, Center for the Arts - Pittsboro and Craig's Chatham Gravel Driveway repair).

To the people who expressed displeasure that we asked for donations to care for Tuck, Since 2011 Tammy and Craig have invested 10s of thousands of their own dollars and hours in building Pittsboro Youth Theater, Sweet Bee Theater and the Center for the Arts in Pittsboro. We are not to be confused with traditional non-profit arts organizations. Please do not look down upon us because we are a business.

We started Pittsboro Youth Theater on a shoestring from which we still dangle. We are a small, for-profit business with a HUGE community arts philanthropy problem. We do great things that benefit our community. We only exist because people pay us for what we do.


Week days Tammy is a 5th grade teacher and Craig is a local gravel guy. We pay all of the costs of running our Pittsboro arts businesses with money local people spend doing business with us; dipping into our modest incomes regularly. We do not receive any grants or governmental assistance of any kind. Citizens who purchase our arts-related products and services and attend our events and activities improve Pittsboro by supporting the enrichment of those who do business with us:  local children and their families, performers, artists and volunteers. 

We are active drivers of the arts in Pittsboro.

Most importantly WE DO A LOT OF GREAT STUFF!

$10 Donation to Pittsboro Center for the Arts Family