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HEAL 2020

See It Live   +   Drive-In Style

Heartwarming PYT musical with a variety of modern hit songs from popular artists and Broadway theater, this musical is an opportunity for our community to heal.


The "Heal 2020" musical "book" was written by Parker Harris, PYT's Music Director, and other members of Kids On Stage. The musical has been performed once previously in Snow Hill, North Carolina.

"Heal 2020" audiences will experience the often scary hardships shared by the musical's authors in North Carolina. Struggling to deal with the stresses of living through the COVID-19 pandemic, we all can find comfort and hope in the uplifting music we love.

"Heal 2020" musical features songs by:

Michael Jackson

Andra Day

Thomas Rhett


...and more great songs famously performed by:

Mac Huff

Billy Joel

Audrey Snyder

Roger Emerson

Charles Strouse

Randy Newman

Mark Brymer

Tia Sillers

4 BIG Shows   +   Oct. 9-17, 2020

4 Performance Dates:  (rain or shine)

Fri. Oct. 9

Gate Open 5:45, Heal 6:30


Sat. Oct. 10

Gate Open 5:45, Heal 6:30

Fri. Oct. 16

Gate Open 4:45, PreShow 5:30, Heal 6:30

Sat. Oct. 17

Gate Open 4:45, PreShow 5:30, Heal 6:30

In Addition to "Heal 2020" musical by PYT, 

the following special guests will perform:

Haw River Christian Academy Theater Department will perform a short play, "The Prideful Princess" (PreShow) on Oct. 16 & 17

Triggle Academy will perform an Irish Dance routine during intermission,

Chatham Dance Connection will perform with PYT in sections of "Heal 2020."

Admission price:

$10 per vehicle and $5 per person

Attendance will be limited to 33 vehicles.

Every attendee must be in a vehicle.

Walk-ins will not be admitted.

Performance goes on rain or shine.

It's a Drive-In!


Haw River Christian Academy

2428 Silk Hope Gum Springs Road, Pittsboro, N.C. 27312

(behind gym on the grounds of Emmaus Baptist Church)

A fine show demands fine print.


Attendees must watch performance from within or in the immediate vicinity of their vehicle. Social distancing will be enforced; to help protect the health of performers and members of the audience please do not sit or stand near the stage area to watch the show. It's a Drive-In!

Audio from the stage will be broadcast on FM radio. Each attending vehicle must have a working FM radio to receive the sound of the performance. Make sure to drive a car with a good FM radio!

Cars will be parked according to vehicle height for best viewing for all, and on a first come, first parked basis directed by Parking Volunteers. Once parked, vehicles will not be able to leave until after the performance.

A refreshment cart with sodas, bottled water and pre-packaged candies and popcorn will circulate amongst vehicles in attendance during intermissions. Sales will be cash only, no cards. To be as COVID-safe as possible, please remain in your car to purchase items from the cart. Also, there will be 2 masked and gloved volunteers running the refreshment cart; 1 volunteer will handle money, and the other volunteer will disperse purchases.

Restrooms will be available inside HRCA building. Restrooms and access to them are ADA compliant.

Those purchasing tickets on website select the number of riders in each vehicle to be admitted into "Heal 2020" Musical Performance by Pittsboro Youth Theater. Additional vehicles/attendees may pay at the gate and be admitted up to show time, if space is available.


Vehicle height will be measured and directed to a parking spot according to height as much as possible. So that everyone will have the best view possible, parking volunteers will try to park small cars and sedans closest to the stage, SUVs behind them and full size trucks and vans in the back. Cars will be directed to park in a staggered pattern to afford further-back rows of vehicles the least obstructed view possible.


No Exit Possible Until End of Show

Be aware that once parked, vehicles will not be able to leave until after the performance.


Rain or Shine - NonRefundable

We'll have our stage under an all-weather cover, so "Heal 2020" Drive-In performances will go on rain or shine. Admission purchases are non-refundable.