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Once upon a time the Chatham County School District got special federal funding to pay Pittsboro Youth Theater (PYT) Summer Camp fees for students who were enrolled in the Chatham Public School District in the 2nd semester 2021 (Spring 2021). This special federal funding is earmarked specifically, only, exclusively, completely, indelibly, irreversibly and entirely for students who were formally enrolled in and attended a school in the Chatham Public School District in the 2nd semester 2021 (Spring) and nobody else. These special funds are not available to any student who was not enrolled in a Chatham Public School District school in the 2nd semester 2021 (Spring 2021). Pittsboro Youth Theater's great theater summer camps are open to all children, but only current (Spring 2021 CCS students) can have their fees paid by CCS.

If you have any question about who will get their theater summer camp fees paid and/or refunded with Chatham County School's funding, please carefully reread the paragraph above. 

Fine Print

• 2021 PYT theater summer campers who previously applied for and paid a deposit for a PYT Summer Camp being conducted in Summer 2021 must complete the registration form above to have their previously paid deposit(s) for 2021 PYT theater summer camp fees paid and deposits refunded.


• Deposits must be paid online with every camp registration with submission of the camper's application (Step 2). This deposit payment will hold the campers space in the camp. Then after the camp starts PYT will invoice CCS for their students, receive payments from CCS and refund the deposits of campers who CCS says were their students in spring 2021.


• Only those students who CCS says were their students will get their deposits refunded and other camp fees paid. PYT has no control over determining who went to what school when and therefore who will get their deposits and fees paid by CCS. Camp charges not covered by CCS must be paid to PYT by the camper's family as stated on the "Camps" page on this website like always.

• Deposits will be refunded and the remainder of camp fees for CCS students will be paid by CCS. All 2021 campers who are CCS students will have to pay out of pocket is the deposit. Other regular weekly fees will be paid directly to PYT by CCS. Camps cost a total of $265 per week; see the "Camps" page on this website for more info.

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